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Open White Blue mci goggle
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Open White Blue mci goggle

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Incredibly easy and quick lens interchange system

Cambio lente rapido della maschera Out Of Open

The Open has a very quick and intuitive lens interchange system. If the clouds suddenly decide to ruin a bluebird day, you can be ready with the perfect lens in just a few seconds!

You just need to open the lever on the left side of the goggle, lift the lens on the side of the lever to free it, and there you go: you're done.


Two Zeiss lenses or the mythical The One

La maschera Open è disponibile con due lenti Zeiss o con le lenti speciali fotocromatiche polarizzate The One

The Open is available with two Zeiss lenses, one for sunny days and one for bad weather conditions.

In alternative, you can choose to have it with the awesome The One photochromic and polarized lenses that are designed to work well in all conditions.


Extreme field of view

Campo visivo maschera Out Of Open

Another skier, a jump's landing or the handle of an abs backpack: to see these things can make a huge difference. A great field of view, sometimes, is what saves the day.

The Open XL has a field of view that is really wide both on the horizontal and on the vertical axis, providing superior clarity on all sides.

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