The technology that is revolutionizing photochromic lenses

The goggles that automatically compensate light changes.
You go into the woods? In less than 1 second the lens becomes clear!

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Award winning

Electra has been elected as best pair of goggles in the world for the year 2021 by ISPO.
It’s been finalist among over 2000 participants of any category at the Amazon Innovation Awards.
And the technology won the 2022 Silmo d’Or, considered the Oscar of Optics.

Ispo award logo Amazon innovation award finalist Silmo d'or nominé

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What do the experts think about Electra? ?

"it's the most amazing thing I’ve tried since I started doing this job!"
Sauro Galassi
Founder of Fresh Farm
the biggest online snowboard shop in Italy
"A really cool technology, congratulations guys!"
Andrea Galeazzi
Tech youtuber
+1 mln followers
"The best lens I’ve ever tried!"
Fabian Boesch
2 world cup gold medals
1 X games gold medal

Who is already part of the revolution:

It does what it says.
Auto adjust in a fraction of seconds the lens attenuation, without battery needed (who wants another gadget to plug in for recharge? And you always forget...)Lightweight, crystal clear view...
Electra is simply the best google on the earth
Visor changes colour immediately and according with the sun light.
The best possible purchase
The best possible purchase
Oscar Riva
The non plus ultra of the market
The non plus ultra of the market
Massimo Vignola


like you've never seen it

The electronic, battery free ski goggle that adapts the lens’ darkness according to the surrounding light in a few hundredths of a second.

Picture of the Electra ski goggle


to make your days easier

Electra is composed by a solar cell that powers our proprietary chip and a special LCD film.
The chip is constantly working to adapt the darkness of the LCD film based on the light conditions.

Forget about changing lenses, rechargeable batteries or any other hassle: Electra will take care of you.


and absolutely nothing less

Electra isn’t just an incredible technology, but also a great ski goggle carefully designed to offer an unpaired user experience. Along with all the top features Out Of usually offers, Electra has an incredibly wide field of view and, thanks to the OTG frame and the LCD’s perfect uniformity, it’s possible to wear glasses underneath it.

Without battery

Almost instantaneous

Extremely light

Perfectly uniform


you are ready to face

snow friendly

tested at extreme temperatures

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