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We promise you this: we won’t bullshit you.

Sometimes sport is raw and honest like your best friend when drunk. Sincere enough to slam on your face fears and weaknesses, and still love you to bits.

It sounds terrible, and yet we like it. It pushes us to give our all to overcome our limits, whatever high or low they may be.

So we want to be like sport is: rough, sometimes, raw, other times, but sincere, always.

We created a lens that didn’t exist before, and we simply tell you what it does: it adapts to light faster than your eyes. Period.

We aren’t gonna tell you that you’ll be happier looking through it or that you’ll become world champion overnight by wearing it, because that would be bullshit.

We give our all, put all our efforts and try the impossible and then we tell you how it went.

We get back with facts and data, but no bullshit.

Plus, the world is already filled with so much of it, that even if we stop playing that bullshit game no one will miss us.

Actually, we feel the need to try and stop this futile chain of meaningless words.

We want less bullshit, and more facts. Less bullshit, and more sport.

Join us.

Got questions? Good, we’ve got answers!

Our customer service team is made of real people who care and want to give you the very best possible service.

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