Bio Project Snow E-silver goggle
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Bio Project Snow E-silver goggle

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BIO PROJECT Specification


our first line of bio based ski goggles

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129 grams

Feel like you’re wearing nothing

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Huge field of view

See all there is to see

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Zeiss lenses

Arguably the most important lens producer in the world

An amazing field of view in such little weight, now as sustainable as possible

Castor oil seeds


The frame of the Bio Projects is made with Pearlthanetm, which is a renewable source-based TPU.
The source is castor oil, that is obtained by the seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant.
The end material contains up to 46% of bio-based material

All the rigid parts (buckles and lens’ frame) are made in a bio-based polyamide.
Sourced from castor oil as well, the end material contains up to 45% of bio-based material and up to 51% of renewable carbon.

Both the elastic band and the microfiber pouch are made with recycled textiles with the GRS (global recycled standard) certification


Simple, elegant and light

La maschera Out Of Void è semplice e leggerissima

In spite of its dimensions the Void weights only 129 grams, thanks to a simple and compact structure.


An enveloping lens assures a wider fiel of view on the sides

La curvatura della maschera Void aumenta il campo visivo sui lati

The peculiar curvature of the cylindrical lens allows to increase the field of view on the sides of the goggle, which is crucial to see the movements of the skiers around you on the slopes.

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Bio Project Snow E-silver goggle
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