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PROMOTING SOCIETY: The current promotion, denominated “Win and Electra ski goggle” is a prize draw promoted by Out Of srl, with registered office in Via Dabbeni 110, 25133 Brescia (BS), vat n. 03928090988 – (from here on referred to at “Promoting Society”)

TERRITORIAL SCOPE WHERE THE PRIZE DRAW TAKES PLACE: The prize draw takes place in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and South Korea

VALIDITY PERIOD: The prize draw will be effective from the 18th of January 2021 to the 31st of March 2021.

SUBJECT OF THE PRIZE DRAW: The prize draw is aimed to promote the activity and the services of the Promoting Society and, in particular, the following products: Electra ski goggle.

RECIPIENTS: The prize draw is reserve to natural persons (from here on referred to as “Recipients”).

COMMUNICATION: The prize draw will be communicated through the website, through a newsletter and through social media ads. Such advertising messages that communicate the prize draw to the public are in observance of these terms and conditions.

METHOD OF PARTICIPATION FOR THE CLIENTS: To participate to the contest the client must fill in the form present in the website with the following personal info: name, last name, birth date and email address. The Recipients will have to give the consent to the treatment of their personal data as it is indicated. The treatment of the personal data is regulated by the European Regulation UE 2016/679. The subscription will have to be completed before and not after the 31st of March 2021. In order to participate to the prize draw all the requested information must be provided.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PRIZE: During the validity period the system will casually choose 3 winners. Each winner is entitled to receive 1 Out Of Electra ski goggle.

WAYS IN WHICH THE EVENTUAL WIN IS COMMUNICATED: The winners are drawn in a totally casual way by Out Of’s algorithm, between the 18th of January 2021 and the 31st of March 2021. The lucky winners will receive an email to the given email address during the subscription. The winners, in order to receive the prize, will have to send – within 5 days from the confirmation of the win given by the Promoting Society- to the email address specified in the instruction email, the confirmation of the acceptance of the prize. The prizes cannot be converted in money prizes or discounts, as specifically stated by the art. 51, R.D.L. 19 October 1938 n. 1933. The winners cannot choose prizes that are different from the ones foreseen in this terms and conditions. Should one of the winners not accept the prize, such prize will be assigned to the next in line drawn by the algorithm. This second winner will be contacted in the same way and will have therefore to confirm the acceptance of the prize as well. The Promoting Society declines any responsibility should it be impossible to contact the winner, precisely, but only limited to, when: the winner’s inbox should result full, the email address indicated while subscribing should result wrong, incomplete or non existent, should there be no answer from the host’s computer after the email is sent, should the winner’s email result inactive or in a blacklist. If, for reasons that do not depend from the Promoting Society, the prize should result out of stock, the Promoting Society will provide an alternative prize of equal value and similar kind. The prizes will be delivered to the winners within 180 days from the communication of the win.

DATABASE: The data of the Recipients that participated in this prize draw are store in Out Of srl database. The Promoting Society here declares the will to give to the Public Administration such personal data, following even a simple request from the dedicated governmental subject.

GRATUITY OF THE PARTICIPATION: The participation to the prize draw is free, excluding the price of the internet connection defined by the provider the Recipient freely chose and that does not represent any source of income for Out Of srl.

TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA: The Promoting Society is committed to use and store the personal information provided by the Recipients fully respecting the Italian law or prize draws and contests, while respecting the GDPR. The personal information gathered during this prize draw will be treated in manual and automatic ways for the sake of the participation. For who will specifically give the consent Out Of srl will also send promotional material and/or commercial information. The submission of the personal information isn’t mandatory, but it is mandatory to express the consent to the treatment of such information in order to participate to the prize draw. The winners and the Recipients can, at any moment, ask for the modification or the cancellation of their data, by writing an email to: The gathered personal data will be disclosed only to the people that must know them in order to respect this terms and conditions sheet.

FINAL DISPOSITION: The Promoting Society reserves the right to modificated, even partially, at any moment, the ways in which the recipients can take part to the prize draw. The Promoting Society will give adequate communication to all participants and will not in any case change these conditions for the worst. The Promoting Society reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against whoever, Recipient or winner, will not respect these terms and conditions, or has tried or has managed to fraud the system. By participating to the contest the Recipient accepts this Regulation, without any objection. For the treatment of the personal data from the Promoting Society we refer to the full privacy policy you can find on the website . For anything that isn’t specifically addressed in this Regulation, please refer to D.P.R. 430 of 26 October 2001.