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Direct assistance and premium warranty

Valid on all the orders made by people without a VAT number, directly on this website

You can contact our customer service via email or chat. An operator expert in both the products and the order management will answer you as soon as possible.

In case your product should be defective, or non-compliant, you can simply explain us the problem, send us some pictures and we'll take care of the substitution of the product. Shipping fees are on us!

Once the warranty substitution, or the repair, is approved and we've received the product, we re-ship extremely quickly. In the 95% of the cases within one working day.

You cannot find the proof of purchase, the invoice, or the confirmation email? Don't worry! We'll look for your order in our database to verify if the product is covered by warranty.

If a lens gets damaged after a shock or a misuse within one year after the purchase, you'll have a 40% discount on the substitute lens.

We have in stock replacement lenses for models that have gone out of production. If you don't see them available on our online store contact our customer service. If the product is particularly old and we aren't able to provide you with a new lens, we'll offer you a strong discount on a new product.