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Other features

Lens change system

Out Of's innovative lens change system allows you to interchange lenses in just 6 seconds, which is about the time Stefan Kraft spent in the air while setting the ski jumping world record.

It doesn't need additional parts on replacement lenses
It's so safe you'll never have to worry about losing your lens
Thanks to its sleek design it doesn't interfere with the ventilation system or with the field of view.

The models Open XL, Open and Shift have this same system

Lens by Zeiss

Since 1846 Zeiss has been one of the best lens producers in the world.
Out Of designs and develops all lenses carefully combining lens bases to mirrored coatings; this, to achieve the best absorption spectrum for each lens.
Zeiss lenses absorb the 100% of UV rays. They feature a great optic definition and an incredibly high production quality.
But this is not it. Out Of also applies on all lenses a special hydrophobic treatment that reduces the adhesion of water and dirt on the lens, improving by far the duration of the lens in time.

Zeiss lenses are available for the models: Opel XL, Open, Shift and Earth. And also on our Swordfish sunglasses.

Dual frame construction

The "dual frame construction" consists in two frames: a soft one, and a hard one.
The hard frame protects you from possible impacts and allows the lens to be fixed in two points only, increasing the field of view.
The soft frame protects the face and the skin from possible impacts. Plus, it perfectly adapts to any face shape, thanks to the triple density hypoallergenic foam.

Zeiss lenses are available for the models: Opel XL, Open, Shift and Earth. And also on our Swordfish sunglasses.

Research, test and development

Everyone that is involved in the development of our products is a passionate skier or snowboarder.
Every product, every new technology answers to specific needs or solves specific problems that we in the first place experienced. We trust our riders to help developing and testing our product and none of our choices is made on marketing gimmicks.

It takes us years to carefully develop each product and we use the best old and new designing tools. We hand make clay models to convert them into mathematical models; we 3D print the prototypes and change them at least 1000 times, or even 2000 times if that is what it takes for us to be fully satisfied. We study air behavior and fluxes with advanced software and test on our skin our prototypes in the worst possible conditions.

What we say about our products isn't just some random claim, and our products don't only work "theoretically". They work; they get the job done; they get you down the mountain even in the toughest conditions, and are heavy duty ready.