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The "optimized" second lens

Almost all Out Of goggles include a second lens for bad weather conditions. Often this second lens isn't considered important, but it's during rainy, soggy, cloudy or foggy days that the right lens can really make the difference.

The Storm has been developed thanks to hudreds and hundreds of spectrophotometry measurements (made by the department of physics of the University of Milan) taken at high quotes, in places without trees, during cloudy, snowy and foggy conditions. The ones just described are the hardest conditions a skier might find in the mountains because the light refraction makes it hard to perceive the shape of the ground.

Since we always give two lenses for each goggle, we were able to develop an extremely specific lens that is, therefore, very effective.


How does it work?

When the sky is covered and we're surrounded by snow, everything seems to us like a white, even mass. To our brain the areas of the snow that are illuminated and the ones that are in the shadow are practically identical. Yet, if we analyze the light in those two points with a spectrophotometry, we discover that they are not identical.
There are, in fact, wave lengths in which the differences are greater, and others in which the differences are less evident.

The optmized lens Storm filters the light eliminating those wave lengths in which the differences are slight, while it allows the one in which the differences are greater to hit the eye, improving the perception of the ground.


So why only one lens is made like this?

An optimized lens modifies the colors of the image to increase contrast, but this contrast boost isn't always needed.

During sunny days it's actually preferable to have a more natural perception of the colors since the perception of the shape of the ground isn't an issue. In this way your eyes will be relaxed avoiding annoying complications such as headaches or tired eyes in the evening after a whole day of skiing.


In collaboration with the department of physics of the University of Milan

The Storm lens is the result of a research program made in collaboration with the department of physics of the University of Milan.

The great knowledge and expertise of the researches involved allowed us to gather a great amount of data on field. This data was fundamental to develop a mathematical model that defined, in every single aspect, the absorption spectrum of the lens.


All Storm lenses are produced and co-branded by Zeiss.

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