The technology that is revolutionizing optics

The award winning IRID lens: electronic, photochromic, instantaneous and without batteries is finally available on sunglasses

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Only think about your ride

It’s spring time
You’re pedaling and the air is warm
there’s not a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining high

The all of a sudden
a tunnel
You enter it at full speed like Cipollini and…
complete darkness.

You have no idea if in front of you there’s a car
a giant rock
a bottle that a jerk has abandoned

if you’re lucky you get a flat tire, if you’re not you crash

See, the Bot sunglasses react in less than 1 second
so you can see well right from the first meters

you see the bottle, the rock, the car: everything

without having to do anything

No hassle


Use them like a pair of normal sunglasses and enjoy the magic of always having the perfect lens


Summer storm? No problem, the Bot are waterproof


They adapt to light in less than 1 second, so you can see well right from the first meters

Award winning

IRID technology on ski goggles has been elected as best pair of goggles for the year 2021 by ISPO.
It’s been finalist among over 2000 participants of any category, at the Amazon Innovation Awards.
It’s been Nominé at the Silmo D’or.

Ispo award logo Amazon innovation award finalist Silmo d'or nominé

Don’t take our word for it

Paolo Bettini
“You guys, it’s really instantaneous, you have to try them to understand!”
“It’s crazy how quickly the lens changes, it feels like I’m wearing “the future””
Paolo Bettini
Gold medal at Athens 2004
2 times cycling world champion
A guy like you, who isn’t famous,
but who rides 1500km every month

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