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ELECTRA 2 Specification
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Electra 2

The second generation of the electronic ski goggles

0.09 sec.
No batteries

Almost twice
the range


Electra 2 is darker than the first generation in the sun, and lighter in the shadows. It's able to cover almost twice as many light situation with the same incredible quickness. It goes from S1 to S3 in less than a second so you can always have the perfect lens.



Electra 2 has a whole new set of mirroring coatings, specifically studied to be paired with IRID, to provide a more crisp vision. Inner reflections are reduced by 50%, while maintaining the same contrast boost of the fifts generation.



Electra 2 - in comparison to Electra - does not only cover double the amount of tints, with a higher optical clarity, but it does it so smoothly that you don't even realize it's working.



Electra 2 doesn't have any battery. It means that you'll never ever have to charge it. You can use it 365 days a year H24 and they will never die on you.



Light is unpredictable, but so is the weather. Electra 2 is completely waterproof, so you can enjoy your skiing, without worrying about anything.

Award winning technology

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Defined as “a real breakthrough”, Irid technology is changing the world of photochromic lenses, and is winning the most important prizes in the world in the field of sports and optics.

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