Shades of love is an ONG that collects and distributes sunglasses and ski goggles to people who live in remote areas where the constant exposure to UV rays causes severe damages:


of the population to suffer from eye diseases, blindness, or cancer in their lifetime.


the age below which the majority of the population develops eye diseases

Get your sunnies

Choose any of our sunglasses or ski goggles

Ship your old pair back

You’ll find a pre-paid shipping label right in the box

Enjoy the cashback

We’ll automatically send 10% of your original oder back

Oh yeah, to thank you on behalf of all the people you’ll help, we’ll be giving you a 10% cashback!
All shipping and handling expenses are covered directly by us, so you can do good without worrying about a thing. *

*Custom goggles can’t be returned so you won’t find the label. If you want to participate in the Shades Of Love program write to us and we’ll set up a pickup up for you, free of charge.

The sunglasses and goggles are:

Shipped to Shades of Love

And then?

Here the amazing people at Shades of Love come into play, because they will take care of distributing all of the donated products in all of these remote areas in which DHL simply doesn’t do it.

It’s time to give back

We’ve been taking things for granted for too long, being spoiled by the abundance of resources that we are quickly running out of. It’s time for us, and this includes both you and I, to give back. It’s time to put money aside and to do the right thing, instead of the most convenient one. We already know what you’re thinking “it’s all business, they’re for sure gonna get something out of this”. You know it by now, we don’t bullsh*t you and the truth is that we don’t earn a dime from this program. Actually, we pay to be able to help Shades of Love do their magic, and all the shipping costs are on us. Yet, by doing what we can to improve someone’s life, we get richer in ways that don’t include green bills.

Don’t need sunglasses?

You’re all set, but still want to help somehow? Hit the donate button below! Any help is more than welcome so it’s possible to donate as little as 5€