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BOT 2 Specification
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Bot 2

Forget light changes

0.09 seconds
From S1 to S3
0 batteries



The Bot 2 are able to adapt their tint in less than 1 second.

So they compensate for sudden light changes like no other lens.

Entering a tunnel? In less than 1 second you have a clear lens.



Not even a small one. Not even half.

No battery means they are durable, light like a regular pair of sunglasses and ecofriendly.

You can use them 365 days a year H24 and they will never die on you.

S1 to S3
& all in


From low light, like tunnels, to bright light conditions, to all those in-between light situations. The Bot 2 can adopt an unlimited numer of tints, covering the whole transmission range between S1 and S3 filters*, so you can always have the perfect lens.

*The lens IRID clear differs, and covers any tint between S1 and S2



Light is unpredictable, but so is the weather! The Bot 2 are completely waterproof, so you can enjoy your ride, without worrying about anything.

Award winning technology

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Defined as “a real breakthrough”, Irid technology is changing the world of photochromic lenses, and is winning the most important prizes in the world in the field of sports and optics.

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