Matt black/silver IRID X-10

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V-1 Specification
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The most versatile sunglasses
in the world

Cat. 1-4
0.09 seconds
0 batteries

From 60% to 6%


Thanks to the patented revolutionary technology IRID X-10, that consists in combining an IRID® liquid crystal lens and a carefully chosen photochromic lens, the V-1 are able to adapt to any light condition. So you can use them on a glacier in the middle of summer, inside a building, and thanks to IRID® technology even inside cars.

A never seen range at
a never seen speed

Cat. indicates the category of the lens, that is, the degree of absorption of sunlight.
Cat.1 nearly transparent lens Cat.4 extremely dark lens

The V-1 are able to adapt their tint compansating for ambient light changes in less than 1 second. Only in cases of extreme luminosity they are able to reach an incredible coverage grade, even down to 5% VLT (Visible light transmittance) in less than 5 seconds.

A matte mirroring
geometric patter


We developed a special matte mirroring geometric pattern that reflects the light hiding the solar panel, but that doesn’t affect in any way its function. The V-1 offer an iconic look inspired bu the world of vintage optics combined with IRID® electronic lenses.

Perfect, in every detail


Made in Italy, with adjustable temples to outmost comfort and anodized aluminum plaques machined from solid.


What if it rains? No problem, you can treat them like a normal pair of sunglasses. They don't need special maintenance, recharging or anything else.

Award winning technology

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Defined as “a real breakthrough”, Irid technology is changing the world of photochromic lenses, and is winning the most important prizes in the world in the field of sports and optics.

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*Cat.4 is intended as an indicative reference of the lens' VLT, not as the sunglasses category.
*0.09 seconds is the activation time of the IRID electronic lens which allows the transition from Cat.1 to 3

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