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Out Of, born from passion, grown with the continuous development of innovative products.

Our team consists of physicists, engineers, product designers and developers who are also sports-oriented people.

We work with Zeiss, with the department of Physics of the University of Milan, with Intertek, Certottica and many more to get the most from the biggest and best factories out there.

Research lab that uses laser beams.

Beyond standards

There are brands that advertise features like the 100% UV protection, the anti-fog treatment or the multilayer mirroring coating.

We give all these features for granted, constantly redefining the standard of protection.

When we talk about our anti-fog lenses we're talking about lenses that stand 77 seconds in harsh EN 166 7.3.2 test enviroment before fogging up. This is 10 times more than a traditional anti-fog lens! In fact, to define a lens as "anti-fog", it only needs to stand 8 seconds in the same environment.

When we talk about multilayer Zeiss lenses, we're talking about lenses with an exclusive Ri-Pel hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment, patented by Zeiss, that only a few brands in the world offer. This treatment lets water or snow easily slip away from the lens' surface, giving you the best possibile vision in all conditions.

Zeiss lens with hydrophobic and oleophobic superficial treatment.

Continuous research

At "Out Of", we take care of the whole process of research and development.

We have 3d printers and scanners that allow our designers to create and improve prototypes continuously, and extremely quickly.

Out Of uses intensively technologies such as 3d printing and 3d scanning to develop our products.

Attention to every detail

Out Of is one of the few brands that carefully choose for each mirroring coating a different color base.

Each combination is mathematically designed first, and then tested on field.

The microfiber pouch for the models Katana, Void, Open, Open XL, Earth and Eyes matches the graphic of the goggle.

Each Out Of's pouch is made with MKA 10 microfiber. You'll tell the difference as soon as you'll clean the lens!

The metallic parts of the Swordfish sunglasses and on the Open XL goggle are real aluminum: extruded, tuned, CNC milled and then anodized. How many brands prefer to somehow mock the metallic effect?

Top level finishing, extruded, CNC milled anodized aluminum, MKA 10 microfiber pouches.

Production, technology and quality

We work with many partners all around the world to realize each single component in the best possible way.

One of our operators is always present during the whole production of the principal supplies, to control the quality of every single piece.

Each product is then analyzed singularly by more operators before exiting our warehouse and being shipped to the final client.

Some of the best factories in the world collaborate with Out Of.

Production, technology and quality

Our products are certified by the most credited agencies to be sure to offer great, safe, products.

Certottica and Intertec logos, certifying agencies of some Out of products.

Production, technology and quality

Yeah we know, nobody does it, but here you can find all the technical specs of our polycarbonate lenses. We want to share with you the study and the dedication that we put into every single lens color.

These lenses are the result of multiple technical studies and on-field tests. How many brands put this much attention on every single lens?

Toric lenses

Silver Zeiss Gold24 mci Zeiss Red mci Zeiss Violet mci Zeiss Blue mci Zeiss Green mci Zeiss Smoke Zeiss Persimmon Zeiss Yellow Zeiss Clear Zeiss Dark smoke Zeiss Storm Zeiss

Cylidrical lenses

Silver Zeiss Red mci Zeiss Violet mci Zeiss Blue mci Zeiss Green mci Zeiss Smoke Zeiss Persimmon Zeiss Yellow Zeiss Clear Zeiss Dark smoke Zeiss Storm Zeiss

Production, technology and quality

Our products' high quality allows us to assist efficiently and quickly our clients.

that's why we cna manage warranty requests in 12/24 working hours,

that's why we answer to emails and chat messages in one working hour,

that's why our reviews are all 5 stars.